We all know Cyndi loves to party, but things took an unexpected turn 2 weeks ago when the Pink crimped hair reveller decided to invite her long life friend and bride to be along with her hen party to dance and drink the night away in the famous Liverpool retro bar “Remix 80s & 90s Bar Liverpool”.

At first, all was well as the girls decided to take advantage of the amazing sharer cocktails from Remix’s themed menu. They then decided to limbo on the dance floor. Being what seemed to be a healthy young Cyndi, she took first go and proceeded to drop it like it’s hot underneath the bamboo stick…

Unfortunately, poor Cyndi never returned back up from the drop due to a reoccurring slipped disk that had troubled her since childhood. Cyndi is currently recovering in hospital and is due to make a full recovery. A statement was made by the bride to be who was in her party of 12 girls. She stated after all “Girls just wanna have fun”


Author of Satire News –  Chris Cashin

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