After hours of blaming it on the boogie, Michael Jackson found himself in a spot of trouble late last Saturday night at the notorious night spot on Mathew Street, Remix Bar. It has been reported that he began to upset a number of hen night girls with his completely inappropriate disco lunges. One eyewitness reports that at one point he touched his crotch while screaming out in a high pitched voice shamone repeatedly up to 20 times during one song alone. This called for management having no option but to ask MJ to politely “beat it”…


Michael Jackson has since responded to his allegations, accusing the hen party of exaggerating his gyrating dance moves and will plead in front of the judge that he is no more than a “Smooth Criminal” on the dance floor.


Court date is yet to be set as he is currently on his environmental campaign to “Heal the World” and has yet to appear for another fine for being a “Speed Demon”.


Author of Satire News –  Chris Cashin

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