Andrew & George, out again… Celebrating yet another triumphant single release as their 80s top of the pops reign continued. This time their choice of drinking hole was no other than the “Remix Bar” Mathew Street Liverpool.


Andrew Ridgely is usually the shy one of the duo, but not today! After reportedly signalling a dance off request to the DJ, Dave Bolton quickly replied by throwing on the classic “Club Tropicana”. All he needed now was a challenger. Surprisingly, the mother of Duran Duran’s lead singer Simon Le Bon just happened to be on a night out with her friends when she spotted the lone and ready posed Wham singer. She quickly filled the position for the dance off and the epic cat walk style strut began!

The scene was indescribable and you had to be there to fully understand the sight. In conclusion, Simon Le Bon’s mother destroyed poor Andrew’s dance credibility with the tried and tested window wiper move, leaving Andrew on his knees, sobbing. Only at Remix could this happen.


Author of Satire News – Chris Cashin

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